World’s First Urdu Thesaurus Launches As A Website and Android App 2020

The world's first Urdu Thesaurus dispatches as a site just as an Android application by the originator Musharraf Ali Farooqi. He has created and discharged the thesaurus through his distributing house "Kitab." 

The Urdu thesaurus is undoubtedly an activity which ought to have been taken years prior by somebody in Pakistan, as Urdu is our national language and the most habitually utilized also. Be that as it may, we generally discover trouble in looking for Urdu equivalent words and implications because of the absence of any such online specialist organization. 

Be that as it may, at last, you can look for any Urdu equivalent words on the Urdu thesaurus as the administration has more than 4,000 special words and over a lot of 20,000 arrangements of equivalent words. You can scan for every one of these equivalent words through an implicit inquiry bar. 

Farooqi seeks after the exponential development of his business as the thesaurus accumulates an ever-increasing number of information. He additionally plans to include bilingual lexicons and the phrasings from various fields like law, prescription, expressions, and science. Along these lines, it will before long become a stage for complex interpretations. 

As indicated by Farooqi, it is extremely shocking that our young age is losing command over our national language Urdu with the progression of time and offering significance to the unknown dialects. Be that as it may, this thesaurus will before long dispatch a jargon building device to be utilized by children to advance and Urdu language and assist them with learning it in a straightforward and simple manner. "Kitab" needs the national language to be effectively available to every single individual. 

Foundation of the Service 

Prevalent figures like Tehsin Firaqi, Moeen Nizami, Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman, and Mazhar Mahmood Shairani make the publication warning board for this administration. The creating credits go to Dr. Athar Awais for his exploration in National Language Processing and Information Retrieval. 

Musharaf Ali Farooqi built up this thesaurus during the time length of five years. As indicated by him, this is a free instructive help which he created with no outsider subsidizing. 


The site includes a basic plan and contains both English and Urdu renditions. You can undoubtedly discover a quest bar for Urdu's message on the highest point of the site. 

Android App 

The Urdu Thesaurus application is as straightforward as the site. It contains an inquiry bar at the top with words in sequential order request beneath it. The words are scrollable, and when you select a word, you can locate its numerous equivalent words. Besides, the outcomes can be shared too from inside the application.
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